Base Cafe & Roof Cocktail Bar are located in the center of Zakynthos town and they are the best options for relaxing with your daylight coffee or enjoy your drink at night at the hottest spots in town, with residence and guest djs, unique atmosphere and great events throughout the year!


The base of your entertainment
in Zakynthos island

At Base Cafe, you can choose your hot or cold coffee from a big variety of flavors and brands and enjoy it in the stylish interior or exterior space of Base, which is the ultimate meeting point of the island over the last two decades! The best flavors of the major coffee brands, the top music of today and the unique atmosphere of Base, guarantee great moments and fragrant pleasures from the early morning until late at night. Since 1991, Base is the epicenter of stylish fun in Zakynthos. And the story goes on...

Open from late afternoon to the early morning hours, at the terrace of Base Cafe, is the much-discussed Base Roof Cocktail Bar. With a philosophy which differentiates from the stereotype tastes in the field of cocktails, it has set and achieved its goal to innovate year after year.
New tastes, new aromas from all corners of the world are bound together, combined with a fully qualified staff promising the perfect cocktail mixes for pure palatial pleasure of the most demanding customers.

From early morning until... the next dawn!

Base Cafe is undergoing its third decade of existence after years filled with fun, music and great events.
At Base Cafe, you can enjoy your hot or cold coffee, your favorite cocktail, drink, beer or refreshment and chill out in its stylish interior or exterior space, every day from the early morning.
As day turns into evening, the music goes up, faces light up and... bodies start to move to the beat! Then you have one more choice: you can enjoy your drink at Base Cafe or go upstairs, at the Base Roof Cocktail Bar!

Nightlife at Base is simply… unique! After the sunset, its Roof Cocktail Bar becomes the center of entertainment in Zakynthos town, with residence and guest DJs, events and great music.
Τhe events of Base are a benchmark for Zakynthos' nightlife. Famous DJs from Greece and all around the world have played music, thousands of people have danced, numerous parties have been organized and tons of drinks and cocktails have been consumed throughout the years! Every event at Base simply means 100% pure fun!